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Call for abstracts for Ocean Sciences Meeting 2024: Session ED009 – Integrating Research and Education to Diversify the Ocean Sciences

C-CoMP is convening a session at the 2024 Ocean Sciences Meeting to be held in New Orleans, LA, USA from February 18-23. Abstracts are due September 13, 2023 at 23:59 EDT/03:59 +1 GMT. The C-CoMP session is on Integrating Research and Education to Diversify the Ocean Sciences (ED009) and is described below.

If you are interested in submitting an abstract to this session, please visit the abstract submission page and follow the prompts to register and submit your abstract. Information about this session can also be found here

Session Hosts:
Victoria Centurino, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Erin Dolan, University of Georgia
Laura O’Dwyer, Boston College

Session Description:
The world’s oceans are central to global health, wellbeing, and sustainability. Yet, public understanding of the role of the ocean in global systems remains limited. Expansion and diversification of the ocean science workforce are also needed to deepen understanding of the changing ocean. To inform programs and initiatives in both domains, we invite abstracts describing research or evaluation studies on the integration of ocean science and education (OSE). We welcome studies on the following topics:

  • Innovative approaches to OSE for students at all levels (elementary grades through postgraduate study)
  • The use of technology in OSE, including virtual and augmented reality, citizen science, and online learning
  • The role of OSE in promoting conservation and sustainable development
  • Integration of indigenous knowledge and cultural perspectives into OSE
  • The impact of OSE on career development and workforce diversity in related fields
  • Evidence-based practices from effective and inclusive OSE initiatives
  • Basic or applied research in education that can inform OSE and diversity programs and initiatives 

We encourage submissions from researchers, educators, policy-makers, and practitioners from a range of disciplines, including marine biology, oceanography, environmental science, education, and social sciences. Research at any level of education (elementary, middle, high school; undergraduate and graduate) is welcomed.