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C-CoMP at Ocean Sciences 2024!

This past February, more than twenty C-CoMP faculty, staff, technical staff, postdocs, graduate students, and Bridge-to-PhD Fellows attended the 2024 Ocean Sciences Meeting (OSM24) in New Orleans, LA. C-CoMP members gave talks, presented posters, attended professional development sessions, and met with colleagues at the meeting.

While there were many notable moments from the meeting, we have highlighted a few here that relate to C-CoMP members:

C-CoMP director Elizabeth Kujawinski accepted the Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography 2024 G. Evelyn Hutchinson Award for her groundbreaking research in marine chemistry and marine metabolomics and her unwavering commitment to service and leadership in the ocean science community. Her award talk can be viewed on YouTube

OSM24 was the first national conference attended by the 2022 cohort of Fellows in C-CoMP’s Bridge-to-PhD Fellowship program. Hope Cobbs, Hannah Goldberg, Dominique Kelly, Carl Gibson, Rhegan Thomason, and Herman Garcia (pictured left to right below) presented their C-CoMP research during a poster session. 

Please refer to the figure caption.

The six C-CoMP Bridge-to-PhD Fellows in the 2022 cohort stand in front of the Ocean Sciences Meeting 2024 sign. Photo credit: Victoria Centurino, WHOI.

After they returned from the meeting, they shared some of their thoughts about their experiences and these have been summarized here:

  • Hope: Being able to look at other students’ research and even discussing future goals and plans allowed me to imagine my future in oceanography.
  • Hannah: I wasn’t expecting to have the chance to talk to so many new people about my work . . . This taught me that no matter how specific the project, there are probably other people to talk to and collaborate with!
  • Dominique: Attending OSM allowed me to visualize myself as an ocean science researcher. 
  • Rhegan: Going to OSM reaffirmed that I picked the right path. Being surrounded by such awesome science and researchers was exciting, and feeling that sense of belonging was my biggest takeaway
  • Carl: There were people there doing all kinds of work with all kinds of skills and backgrounds, and that resonated with me. There’s actually a lot of different research and job pathways I could go down and that felt liberating.
  • Herman: I think my biggest takeaway from OSM is how to give an effective poster presentation! This was my first time giving a poster talk in such a large conference venue…