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Broadening Participation in Ocean Science

C-CoMP is working to specifically enhance representation of underrepresented minority (URM) groups in ocean science through our research and education goals. We are doing this by:

(1) Recruiting URM to all of our programs (undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral opportunities)

(2) Improving retention and completion of URM through our undergraduate programs (CUREs, VIP Teams, Summer Research Internships)

(3) Supporting the transition to graduate school with our Bridge-to-PhD (B2P) programs.

These programs integrate academic, social, and professional development and provide opportunities to explore research as a career regardless of student social identity. URM students are recruited to CUREs, VIP Teams, and Summer Research Experiences when they are undergraduates to engage in research and build their science community. B2P Fellows experience near-peer mentoring, develop role models, gain technical experience, and work with established scientist mentors that help them prepare for graduate student applications and beyond. The establishment of cohorts (nurtured in B2P programs) improves long-term URM retention and advancement in STEM careers. Authentic research experiences for B2P participants that address problems of societal relevance (e.g., Earth’s carbon cycle and climate system) also increase URM engagement and retention.

Recruitment Strategies

Recruitment to C-CoMP opportunities occur through:

  • Reaching out to existing education networks (CUREs, VIP Teams, B2P)
  • Conducting outreach to local chapters of national advancement organizations such as the Society for Advancing Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS)
  • Leveraging personal connections with collaborators at minority-serving institutions
  • Corresponding with graduate school advisors at minority-serving institutions
  • Using digital outreach to advertise and engage with potential applicants