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    Doney, S. C., Mitchell, K. A., Henson, S. A., Cavan, E. L., DeVries, T., Gruber, N., Hauck, J., Mouw, C. B., Müller, J. D., & Primeau, F. W. (2024). Observational and numerical modeling constraints on the global ocean biological carbon pump. Authorea Preprints. doi: | C-CoMP Pub. #038

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    Peer-reviewed publications


    Anderson, S. R., Blanco-Bercial, L., Carlson, C. A., & Harvey, E. L. (2024). Role of Syndiniales parasites in depth-specific networks and carbon flux in the oligotrophic oceanISME communications4(1), ycae014. doi: | C-CoMP Pub. #028

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    Pfeifer, M. A., Zajic, C. J., Isaacs, J. M., Erickson, O. A., & Dolan, E. L. (2024). Beyond performance, competence, and recognition: forging a science researcher identity in the context of research training. International Journal of STEM Education, 11(1), 19. doi:  | C-CoMP Pub. #014


    Ferrer-González, F. X., Hamilton, M., Smith, C. B., Schreier, J. E., Olofsson, M., & Moran, M. A. (2023). Bacterial transcriptional response to labile exometabolites from photosynthetic picoeukaryote Micromonas commoda. ISME Communications, 3(5). doi: | C-CoMP Pub. #016

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