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Post-baccalaureate Transitions to Graduate School

C-CoMP will offer post-baccalaureate programs to help transition undergraduates into graduate education and careers in ocean science research.


Bridge-to-PhD program (B2P)


Our Bridge-to-PhD program, modeled after the Columbia University program, supports the transition of post-baccalaureate students into ocean science graduate programs. Each year, 4-5 new B2P fellows will be placed in C-CoMP research groups. The 2-year, paid fellowship program will provide sufficient time for students to establish core competencies in their relevant fields while benefiting from tailored mentoring and professional development. Fellows will be chosen through an application process that prioritizes applicants from backgrounds traditionally excluded from the sciences. They will be placed in science disciplines ranging from marine chemistry to microbial ecology to data science by matching student interest with C-CoMP faculty, and their research experiences will be aligned with science objectives of the Center. Through virtual platforms, B2P Fellows will engage in peer mentoring and professional development, including: (1) fellowship and proposal writing, (2) ethics in research, and (3) science communication. Fellows will engage in C-CoMP outreach/education activities, participate in the C-CoMP annual meeting, travel to national meetings, and join undergraduate summer interns at the Bermuda Institution of Ocean Science (BIOS) capstone week for leadership and team-building.


B2P enhances recruitment and retention of underrepresented minorities (URM) in science because it provides essential technical and mentoring support for students who are navigating the period of uncertainty between graduating from an undergraduate institution and pursuing their future career/education goals. B2P closes this gap by offering students the opportunity to explore their research interests, gain technical knowledge, and develop collaborations before they commit to entering into a masters or PhD program.


Applications will be accepted between April 1st, 2022 and May 30th, 2022.