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C-CoMP Attends COP27!

This figure compilation includes two photos from Dr. Sonya Dyhrman's visit to COP27. There is a photo of the Ocean Pavilion logo that is cropped into a circle and a photo of Sonya standing in front of the COP27 banner. The text on the left of the graphic states "C-CoMP at COP27, Dr. Sonya Dyhrman, the title for the panel presentation: The key role of microbes in the surface ocean, and date of the presentation: November 16th, 2022.
This graphic contains photos from Dr. Sonya Dyhrman's visit to COP27.

Dr. Sonya Dyhrman, Professor at Columbia University and member of the C-CoMP Faculty, attended the COP27 United Nations Climate Change Conference on behalf of C-CoMP to highlight the key role marine microbes play in carbon cycling within the surface ocean. In her presentation during the Blue Climate Solutions Panel in the Ocean Pavilion, Sonya emphasized three major uncertainties relating to microbially-mediated carbon cycling in the surface ocean that need to be addressed to bolster ocean-based climate solutions: the composition of and interactions that take place within the chemical-microbial network, the resilience of the chemical-microbial network to perturbations, and the aspects of the chemical-microbial network that predict regional and global patterns. She ended the presentation by introducing C-CoMP’s commitments to address these uncertainties and our growing relationships with policymakers through our endorsement as an Ocean Decade Contribution by UNESCO and our presence at COP27. Thank you to Sonya for representing C-CoMP and the marine microbes!